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Death wears a scarab - by A. The curse of the bronze lamp - by Carter Dickson. Murder times three - by Amelia Reynolds Long.

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A death in the faculty - Amanda Cross. Baskerville Books info baskervillebooks.

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VG: Complete but with small imperfctions e. G: Complete but with more substantive faults e. Casper Laing, the young, fiery and brilliant Professor of Semitic Languages, is asked to decipher an ancient parchment found in Israel.

Piecing together its mysterious fragments, his translation soon reveals directions to a shrouded location. Believed to be the secret hiding place of the True Menorah, an ancient and priceless Jewish candelabrum, the Jordanians and Israelis begin a frantic race to claim the prize. Surrounded by violent and treacherous rivals, Casper is enjoined on a deadly adventure deep into the burning Negev desert.

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It further cemented his reputation as one of the pre-eminent genre writers of his generation, and was described by the Guardian as 'first-rate' and by the New York Times as 'a supple delight in which learning, wit and style are beautifully integrated'. More books by this author. ISBN: Back to top.

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