Design for Six Sigma: a Practical Approach through Innovation

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Cudney, an associate professor of engineering management and systems engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Design for Six Sigma DFSS , supports the goal of producing robust products, services or processes right the first time. Agustiady said she sees robotics and automation as among the biggest trends across many industries.

Design for Six Sigma. A Practical Approach through Innovation

That includes using automation to handle routine tasks , freeing employees for more creative work. Currently there are no standard resources on how to be sustainable or on using statistical techniques and practices.

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She also remarked that whenever Six Sigma methodologies are applied, the ultimate goal should be kept in mind. Home Methodology. Active Practitioner and Award-Winning Author Agustiady is a graduate of Ohio University with a degree in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering. Sustainability Agent Agustiady recently started a position as a sustainability agent. Design for Six Sigma Overview.

Design for Six Sigma Methodology Roadmap. Project Charter project description, goals, requirements, expectations, boundaries.

Balanced Scorecard. Project Management. Assess Risk.

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Gathering the Voice of the Customer survey design. Quality Function Deployment. Kano Model.

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Axiomatic Design. Lean Product Development. Design for x Methods.

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Concept Generation. Pugh Concept Selection Matrix.

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Modeling of Technology. Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis talk about mistake proofing here too. Design of Experiments.

Modeling of Robustness and Tunability add ideal and transfer functions here too. System Additive Model. Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis add mistake proofing here too. Reliability Testing. Response Surface Methods. Measurement Systems Analysis.

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Modeling of Variational Sensitivities across the integrated technology platform. System Variance Model. Robustness Additive Models.

Design for Lean Six Sigma A Holistic Approach to Design and Innovation

Capability Analysis. Statistical Process Control.

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Future and Challenges of Design for Six Sigma. Case Studies. This book will explain how the DFSS methodology is used to design robust products, processes, or services right the first time by using the voice of the customer to meet Six Sigma performance.