Soft Skills: The software developers life manual

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Soft Skills for the Developer - Mahesh Krishnan

Those of you who have been following my Books category know that I like to mark the passages that I find valuable from books that I read, like for example:. In the first section, John talks about topics concerning ones career and steps to take in order to make the most out of it.

Book Review : Soft Skills - The software developer's life manual

Topics ranging from how to hack the interview, how to actually set goals, work as a freelancer, and even how to quit your job. In the second section, John talks about how to create your blog as a first thing you should do to start marketing yourself. Developing habits: Brushing your code Chapter Breaking down things: How to eat an elephant Chapter The value of hard work and why you keep avoiding it Chapter Any action is better than no action Section 5. Financial Chapter What are you going to do with your paycheck?

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How to negotiate your salary Chapter Options: Where all the fun is Chapter Bits and bytes of real estate investing Chapter Do you really understand your retirement plan? The danger of debt: SSDs are expensive Chapter Bonus: How I retired at 33 Section 6. Fitness Chapter Why you need to hack your health Chapter Setting your fitness criteria Chapter Thermodynamics, calories, and you Chapter Motivation: Getting your butt out of the chair Chapter How to gain muscle: Nerds can have bulging biceps Chapter How to get hash-table abs Chapter Starting RunningProgram.

Standing desks and other hacks Chapter Tech gear for fitness: Geeking out Section 7.

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Spirit Chapter How the mind influences the body Chapter Having the right mental attitude: Rebooting Chapter Building a positive self-image: Programming your brain Chapter My personal success book list Chapter Facing failure head-on Chapter Parting words Appendix A. If you can write code, you can understand finances Appendix B. How the stock market works: Rules of the system Appendix C. What to do with it.

John is an expert at this. He has virtually retired at an age of 33 because of passive income.

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way

And he is sharing it all with you! He also gives a primer on stock market which I found really interesting.

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Again, John is the one to listen to. He know fitness because he has been doing it for a long time and it shows.

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He has been in bodybuilder competitions and done some impressive weight-loss. He shares is wast knowledge on the field, without trying to come off as a nutrition expert or certified doctor even though he shows some deep knowledge on some of these fields. He just know what works, and he lets us know.

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This is not as spacey as you might think. Its pretty down-to-earth actually. It details the importance of positive thinking and how to get in touch with yourself in a way that will benefit you. I really liked this book. It was right up my alley.

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In almost every way this book resonated with me. It got me thinking about new subjects, it got me inspired to continue working on others.

It was all-around an impressive book that I think every software developer should own. Go get it on Amazon or Manning.