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Penny held up a finger. Maybe there are some. What they found was no water. No nothing. No life at all as best we could tell. We found the remains of coral reefs, and we think we found fossil remains of fish and other aquatic life, but to prove it we would have needed better sensors on our probes than we had. That is why we really think there needs to be a second expedition to look that place over, fully equipped and soon.

Penny threw her friend a look that told Kris a lot more than she needed to know about how the relationship between them was going. Penny appreciated the protection but did not want any help.

Kris Longknife: Tenacious

For Penny, giving her heart to any man would be a long, hard journey. Penny blew out a long breath. There were no space stations, no satellites, no reactors or radio communications.

It looked like an empty planet. But as we got close, it started to come alive.

Vegetation covered the land, at least in most places. Radar mapping showed several places where it had been hammered by asteroid strikes. Small ones, not extinction events. Also, there was one huge plain of glass. Radioactive, too. Something had been hit hard by atomics. There is a pyramid of granite rock right in the middle of the plain.


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That meant no Smart Metal. That meant what went was pretty big by nano standards. Oh, we tried with what we had, but that is one tightly sealed door. Nothing we dropped could get a look in. Penny paused. There were aliens.

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At least I think they were aliens. Once you got well away from the plain of glass, there were some pretty sophisticated hunter-gatherers. I think there was even some farming. They had stone-edged weapons and were hunting some real big stuff. Bare-ass naked, not that the climate was all that cold, but still. No tools but some wooden spears and clubs.

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No stone chips. They had to make due with small game or scavenge stuff the large carnivores had chewed open. Kris, we could only stay in orbit for two, three days. There were two jumps into that system, besides the one we came in, and if one of them started coughing up alien monster ships, we would have run. But if all three got active at once. Kris nodded, but her thoughts were already chasing down another rabbit hole.

However many ships you take, there will be more than enough scientists begging to fill them up. What could she possibly do next time? Not in the Endeavor. This time we go prepared for a fight. Would six ships be enough? Maybe she should pull in another couple to bring it up to a full squadron. Jack, time to put on our game faces, or at least a uniform. There was no way to stretch the delightful morning with one last quickie. Nothing new, either exciting or terrifying, was added to her set of challenges.

The star-studded ceiling of one huge auditorium in the first alien base ship they blasted had shown what looked like a particular night sky. It had been repeated in the largest room of the monster warship that Kris had captured intact while rescuing the crew of the Hornet.

Tenacious D - The Government Tottaly Sucks [Deleted Scene]

In that fight, Kris had disabled their reactors. Instead, the aliens opened every hatch to space, killing themselves.

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Their technology looked nothing like ours, assuming we were guessing right about what they used for navigation and fire control. The first three of which had showed nothing of interest. The next looked thoroughly beat-up. The fifth was full of questions. Penny had not gotten around to the sixth but raced for home.

She arrived only to find home in the final desperate moments of a battle for survival that had cost the life of tens of billions of aliens and left the human colony on Alwa, as well as the Alwans themselves, with precious little time to prepare for the next attack. She contacted the people who made up the next level in her way-too-small chain of command and began scheduling meetings. The first meeting was already waiting for her at the end of the drive. Ada stood on the shady veranda of Government House, Granny Rita at her elbow. Any position she might hold was purely emeritus.

Officially, Ada was the chief executive of a human colony of nearly two hundred thousand. However, Kris had made the mistake of giving Granny Rita a decent computer. Once the old gal got on net, she never missed out on anything interesting. Ada was also not one to beat around the bush. Ada smiled at the lie. Kris had thought that fighting aliens was her worst problem. Initial steps had already been made. Matters were improving. It would, however, take a whole lot more before Kris could take her food supply for granted.

And she was hoping, preferably soon, to get more reinforcements. It had languished in orbit for eighty years. Now one reactor was powering both colonial and Alwan electronic equipment and changing how they all lived. It might be easier to just build a new thermonuclear reactor for you than get that one back up and running.

The time it would take to haul the part out of one of the working reactors and get its specs, replace it, make it, and install it might just make it easier, in a few months, to replace what you got here. Which do you want first? Where are the other ten? Even the ships that survived took hits, hits that burned off their Smart Metal. We had some ships come in with nothing but a thin hull membrane keeping space out. If the fight had gone on for a few more broadsides, we would have lost them.

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You notice we only got seven back. Kris did not like the sound of the way he said it.