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It also include a key that is needed for solving the puzzle. When turned in the right direction, will open the clever mechanism that keeps it locked. So, can you unlock the lock? This is a hard lock puzzle! Return Policy Merchandise may be returned for a full refund excluding shipping charges. Shipping Policy We can combine items for discounted shipping, please make sure you are purchasing all items on the same cart and send us a request for total, we'll combine the product price and shipping cost.

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Solution is Available upon request. Brown leaves are spaces and the colored leaf represents the placement of that particular knob. Look at the bottom trim…It is tough to see but there are two black dots on it. Between them is a red leaf, a brown leaf and a brown leaf. That tells you the red knob should be set to the left. The tricky part? One of these days I might forget the combination…. I wanted a way to always remember it and what better way than to have it out in the open?

Oh, and at some point I need to cover up the lock and put in a shelf. For now I enjoy watching it operate and showing friends and neighbors. So much for a secret door and compartment!

3 Key Puzzle Lock

I see a few extra combination suggestions to make this more secure, since currently it wouldn't take long to try all combos, but I would suggest:. Changing the L- joint for a gear and teeth; so that rotating the knob would move the pin left or right instead! This could be added to the current design even after being built, would give way more combinations. And has the added bonus that it could be changed lift gear, slide pin, drop gear in case anyone works it out by watching you!

Reply 3 years ago. That is an interesting idea! I like the thought of using gears and teeth. It might be tough to do this with wood, which is what I wanted to do for this puzzle, but I can see the possibilities for making more combinations. Ok, something to think about. I like that! I wasn't too worried about the number of combinations because you also had to discover the 4th position on one of the knobs in order to open the lock.

Wooden Brain Teaser Key

If you don't unscrew the knob and move it to the other post, you will never get the combination. For the purpose of this project, it get's you to think about the puzzle and not just try all combinations Gotta move the one knob I need to find an Intructable Geek for a husband! I can't even figure out how to upload my pic in the box to the left. Are you, or were you ever an employee of Krolmeister? If not, you would do well to seek employment with them. Maybe I should be, but I am not.

My daughter used to like playing those Nancy Drew games.

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They were more of my inspiration than Myst, but if I referenced, "Her Interactive" I figured less people would know what I was talking aboutt. Good sleuthing to know this is similar to those games! TracRat, you have amazing concentration, dedication, creativity, and excellent craftsmanship. Thanks so much for sharing this 'ible.


My sister and I have just found flummox, an upstate NY geocache GC62EK5 , a codex-sort of thing that took us well over half an hour to open. Seeing that and then reading your detailed Instructable is increasingly leading me toward building some of my own. Thanks for sharing your work!

This is such an excellent idea, Casey! My wife and I love the Myst series must play them again, soon and have made a few projects along their themes, over the years. Seeing your implementation of a hidden cabinet with all the elements of a typical Myst puzzle has persuaded me to do something similar. I came here looking for ideas to build a puzzle lock for a side door on a new garage I'm building I hate having to fetch a remote or keys if I'm already in the garden and want to pop in to my workshop or the garage. I usually install my own electronic locks with a keyboard - but I have also made a puzzle lock for a gate that I needed to be able to open without electrics.

When I retired, I treated myself to a decent-sized laser cutter, so I am able to make quite high-precision parts. If I do use your idea for my garage lock, I'll come back here and let you know. Well done - and thanks for publishing your project. I feel guilty for not having the patience to document any of my projects as an instructable. I'm so glad that you did! Thanks for the nice comments!

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I have a few long term projects planned that involve electronic locks, but if I have the time, I always prefer a mechanical solution. Using your laser cutter would certainly improve and perfect pieces for a lock. I spent a lot of time fitting and refitting parts because I was using hand tools. Please, let me know if you make a lock based off of this. I would be interested in seeing what modifications you come up with. As for posting instructables, the easiest way to get started is to take pictures with your phone as you create a project.

I have several projects I have photo documented but later decided not to publish. It it easy to make an Instructable as long as you have pictures! I have also found that you can get a lot of the detail pictures of parts right before final assembly, so if you missed some things, you can get caught up. Anyway, thanks again! I have enjoyed sharing this idea and always welcome comments! The locks, combinations, the colored leaves, wow.. You are cool!!! Im a fan Sorry for this delayed reply, I just saw that you had made those nice comments!

Well, the details were important to me. In a project like this, I wanted everything to have a reason for being there. When it was mentioned in the comments about more combinations, and the limitations you mentioned, I had an idea for that: why not have an upper channel as well? The lock becomes a sandwich with 7 variables, of 3 or 4 positions, so over combinations.

Of course the downside is you don't get to see the woodwork, as all the complexity is hidden between the plywood sandwich. Not as fun to show off. Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. That is not a bad idea about using an upper level for the knobs to get more combinations. You would definitely add complexity! I think my woodworking was decent for this, but I was worried that if it jammed, I wanted to get to it.

I agree about not being able to look at it anymore either. I like to watch it operate. Thanks for thinking of some options to make it better! I still have some spaces left in the house.


4 Key Puzzle Lock | Wire & Metal Puzzles | Puzzle Master Inc

I have some beginning ideas for the front stairs Wow i love the way you thought about everything and actually made it. I have lots of ideas too but i just dont have the means, time, or money to actually make it. But you did and By TracRat Follow. More by the author:. Add Teacher Note.

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